Stormy Lee Kennels: Raising Aussies & Labs in Colorado. Registered AKC & ASCA.


" Aug. 22nd - Sojourner gets his a leg toward his Novice Dockdogs title jumping his personal best of 7.2 feet at Carotfest in Bradford, ON. He's got the idea now - look out! . "
      Son of Stormy Lee's King Pistol.....TreeStar Ramblin Stormy Lee lives at Oracle Aussie

"I Love My Dog"
     Thanks Joyce, my yellow lab Abby is now 8 yrs old, and she is everything to me, your Joe is her dad, and she is just like him. We miss you here in TN. Angie Foster

"New Standard Agility Title"
     Stormy Lee's Kayla Daun, at 20 months old, a daughter of Stormy Lee's King Pistol, look for her under fun photos, very smart, good little girl, making her ma ma ever so proud of her! Lives in CO. and love, owned by Daun Reusche

"Thank you for Yukon, a great AKC chocolate lab! I was referred to Stormy Lee Kennels through a phone call to the sire's owner--a number I got from my vet. Since bringing Yukon home, I have been encouraged and given advice from Joyce, who cares about what goes on the the life of the dogs she sells. Yukon was originally going to be just a pet like my last two Labs, but, after taking him to obedience class at 8 1/2 weeks, we are hooked on training! We now compete in Rally---soon to venture into agility. Yukon is a strong, handsome dog with lots of drive---ready to train or play! My dog from Stormy Lee Kennels is bred to be a great canine friend/competitor! Thanks Joyce.....Karen Stephenson"
     This dog is a male out of Stormy Lee's Mississippi Slim, a Gator Point dog.

"Joyce, First thing first...Goatee is so cool. He fits in so nicely with our family. We absolutely adore him! He is such a goofball and so much fun. We have been working with him daily. He now sits just by pointing our finger. He knows the down command, but isn't totally consistent with it yet. He's pretty good about coming back when called, but we have had some issues with him visiting the neighbors. They bring their dog over a lot, so I think he just wants to visit his friend Java. He's super good about staying out of the street unless he's with us, which is great. He is so smart, he does want to please us. He and Jake are starting to become friends. Jake takes him out to go potty and he stays with him. We got him a rope/ball toy and they play with it outside together. Jake thinks it's so funny when the dirt flies behind Goatee because he's running so fast. Jessa has become more reserved with Goatee. He just walks right over her when she is on the floor and she doesn't like that very much. We're still working on that one. Goatee spent the entire weekend with Chris and Jake working in the garage. He hardly ever barks and didn't run off once (I think the neighbors were gone). He seems to like me a lot, he always lays by me when we're just relaxing around the house. We seriously couldn't have asked for a better dog. We are so lucky to have found you guys!"
     Kara is bragging about her 2010 Aussie pup, by Joker and Angel

"We thank you Joyce for selling us Silvey. She is the smartest, most wonderful, beautiful dog that we have ever owned. We will be back for another puppy from Stormy Lee Kennels. "
     Melissa sent this quote regarding her 2010 Aussie pup, by Joker and Angel. Anyone may call for a referal. Melissa 719-382-4857

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