Stormy Lee Kennels: Raising Aussies & Labs in Colorado. Registered AKC & ASCA.

Our Horses

Horses have been in my life since I was 10 yrs old, my father bought me my first horse, and I've just not found life to be without a horse since.  They have taught me so much through the years, and given the soul music to listen to with their grace.  I have been able to teach so many children how to care and love for this animal, so many have learned to groom, saddle up, and ride, a gift no one can ever take away from them.  My father taught me, my grandfather, and I have those memories always to carry.
Of course, then there was "Stormy Lee", one of the mares I cherished for many years, letting her name become my kennel.
This is our beautiful Stormy Lee. She is our kennel’s namesake.

Our gelding Spinner.

Spinner is having a good roll in the snow.


If you call them, they will come. All of these horses have the same sire. He is still living at the age of 33.


Piney (the grandmother) pictured here at the age of 26.

Blessed are the mares. These are full sisters that are both foundation bred Quarter horses.

Lilly Bell - 17 months old enjoys a run in the snow.

John & his horse Spinner. Spinner was the last foal by Stormy Lee. He is now 12 years old.

John with Piney (Grandmother) & her Granddaughter, Lilly Bell.

John & Lilly Bell.

Inday May & Lilly Bell.

Indy pictured here at 11 years old.


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