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Detailed Animal Pages

      2011 2nd Aussie Litter
     2011 Aussie Litter
     2013 First Aussie Litter
     All Black Litter
     ASCA CH Stormy Lee's King Pistol
     AUSSIE PUPS! 3 left from 6
     Bliss & Whisky
     Blues & Blacks 2013
     CH Stormy Lee's 1 SlickTrick @ TreeStarr's
     CH Stormy Lee's Mountain Peace, RE, OJ, CD, DNA-VP
     CH Stormy Lee's Ol Waylon
     CH Stormy Lee's Rose Of Las Rocosa RN, CGC
     CH Stormy Lee's Touchstone Rose
     Countrywoods Beauty To Stormy, RE, OJ, SN, CD, CGC
     Countrywoods Causin Khaos
     Countrywoods Made 4 Stormy Lee
     Countrywoods Stormylee Sparks
     Countywoods StormyLee Angel
     Ministik Journey To Stormy Lee
     New Pups
     Pistol & Sparkles blues & blacks 2013
     Puppies!! Born 9-2-2016
     Red Litter
     Storm Lee's Style N With Countrywoods
     Stormy Lee N Las Rocosa Rose
     Stormy Lee’s Blue Wyatt
     Stormy Lee’s Peaceful Allheart
     Stormy Lee's Cache Of Cayou Cove
     Stormy Lee's Carbon Copy
     Stormy Lee's Coogen
     Stormy Lee's Dance Of Las Rocosa
     Stormy Lee's Fire Inside, CD, RA, CGC
     Stormy Lee's Lonesome Dove Gus
     Stormy Lee's Makin Farm Calls
     Stormy Lee's Mountain Arrow
     Stormy Lee's Mountain Spirit NJ,SN, CGC,
     Stormy Lee's Mountain Whisper
     Stormy Lee's Shawnee's First
     Stormy Lee's Silent Prayer
     Stormy Lee's Sir Finnegan
     Stormy Lee's Whatever You Need
     Stormy Lee's Wild Flower